Tennis great Lleyton Hewitt inducted into Tennis Hall of Fame

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Tennis great Lleyton Hewitt inducted into Tennis Hall of Fame

Australian tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt has been inducted into the Tennis Halle of Fame in Newport. Hewitt, 41, enjoyed a very successful career, having won 30 titles. During his illustrious career, Hewitt won two Grand Slam titles and was also ranked at No.

1 in the world. Hewitt, the 2002 Wimbledon champion, is the most recent Australian Grand Slam champion in the men's game. When Hewitt became the world No. 1 in the November of 2021, he was just 20 years and 268 days old.

To this day, that record hasn't been broken.

Hewitt reflects on his career

“I did love tennis in terms of being in control of my own destiny every time I went on the court. It was just you against your opponent out there.

I loved how you had to think outside of the box as well. If things weren’t going well, you had to come up with a different plan to try and work out how you were going to change something around out there on your own. I loved those challenges of it," Hewitt said, per Tennis Up To Date.

Hewitt was just 20 when he became a Grand Slam champion and reached the top spot. Reflecting on his early success, Hewitt said not being afraid of the challenge was the key. “I wasn’t afraid at a young age to take it up to the older, better players.

I think that was probably the most telling reason why I was able to make the transition from juniors to seniors at such a young age. If you don’t have that inner belief in yourself that you belong there, then you’re not going to do it and it’s going to be a lot harder to make that transition as we’ve seen so many good juniors really struggle to do that for a number of years. I didn’t have the biggest weapons out on the court, but I certainly backed myself with my strengths”.