Alexander Zverev provides update on his US Open participation

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Alexander Zverev provides update on his US Open participation

Alexander Zverev has confirmed that he is still hoping to be able to compete at the US Open. Zverev tore several ligaments in his ankle during his French Open semifinal match versus Rafael Nadal and he has been out since.

Also, Zverev has expressed desire to represent Germany at the Davis Cup Finals. "I still haven't given up on the US Open, and, of course, I want to be part of the Davis Cup for myself," Zverev told RTL, per Sportskeeda.

"That's a goal because my brother and I are also involved with the organization helped bring the Davis Cup to Hamburg." Zverev was just two wins away from winning his first Grand Slam title at the French Open.

Then, Zverev sustained a serious ankle injury that forced to retire versus Nadal and to also skip Wimbledon.

Zverev: I'll return stronger

"It's not difficult at all, I'm also looking forward to this work a bit, it's something completely new," said Zverev.

"It's clear that I'd rather play the tournament in Hamburg or train on the tennis court, but it's the way it is now. You have to go through it; everyone has their own way and you have to go it. That's part of what I have to do now, and maybe next year, I'll come back even stronger."

A couple of days ago, Zverev posted a picture in which he could be seen walking without crutches. The US Open starts in five weeks and Zverev still has time to get ready for the final Grand Slam of the season. However, it's almost certain that Zverev will skip the start of the summer hard court swing.

The Montreal Masters starts on August 7 and Montreal tournament director Eugenie Lapierre confirmed that Zverev will likely miss out on the tournament. It remains to be seen if Zverev will be able to compete at the US Open, which kicks off on August 29.