Montreal 2022, fear of Covid returns: this is what happens

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Montreal 2022, fear of Covid returns: this is what happens

Waiting for further confirmation from the US government, little reassuring news has arrived from the Canadian government, the one who will decide for the ATP Masters 1000 in Montreal. The government has announced in the last few hours that rapid swabs will return to test whether a person is positive at the airport, for those who arrive in their territory.

It should be emphasized that, at least initially, the swabs will be carried out randomly, drawing random people from among the travelers. Those who remain positive at Covid will then risk remaining in isolation for about 10 days, a situation that worries all tennis players and not a little.

In view of the Montreal tournament, the ATP has invited the athletes to take quick swabs before traveling to Canada to avoid unpleasant situations. It has been confirmed, once again, that there will be no exemptions and that to enter both Canada and the United States you need the vaccine.

A situation that effectively excludes Novak Djokovic from the American tournament. The Wimbledon champion is not vaccinated and has no intention of being vaccinated, consequently his presence at the US Open and in all tournaments in America is almost impossible.

Ivanisevic on the choice of Novak Djokovic

In a recent interview Goran Ivanisevic spoke like this about Novak Djokovic's choice not to get vaccinated: "I respect Novak Djokovic's decision and I appreciate his courage.

He has no intention of going back. The media have portrayed him as a leader of the no-vax movement, that is, as someone who has a bad influence on others, but it is all false.He does not want to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus, but he has never advised others to do like him.

I respect and fully support his decision." For over two years the world of sport and consequently also of tennis has undergone serious changes due to Covid-19, a disease that has generated a real pandemic and millions of deaths around the world.

Compared to the past, the situation has improved somewhat, especially in Europe, but recently the number of infections has increased again. In the last few hours, the Covid alarm has returned in the world of tennis and concerns in particular in the United States.