Patrick Mouratoglou explains what makes Nick Kyrgios' serve so mighty

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Patrick Mouratoglou explains what makes Nick Kyrgios' serve so mighty
Patrick Mouratoglou explains what makes Nick Kyrgios' serve so mighty

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou says Nick Kyrgios' serve is "completely unpredictable" and he sees some similarities between Kyrgios and the great Pete Sampras. Kyrgios, 27, is considered as one of the best servers on the Tour and his serve played a key part in his run to the Wimbledon final.

Kyrgios not making a first serve doesn't mean really much since the Australian often likes to go for a big second serve. When Kyrgios is having a good service day - which he often does this season - opponents tend to get frustrated because of their inability to break the Australian.

"I think he's completely unpredictable. He can serve any zone and he has always the same toss," Mouratoglou said in a video posted on his Instagram. "Always the same. He's hitting the ball almost on its way up which is very rare in today's game.

The rhythm is always the same. The ability to be impossible to read, the serve - is a big asset. That was the asset of Pete Sampras also. All the players were saying its impossible to see where the ball is going because the toss is always the same.

And at the last moment, he decides to go this way or this way. So, impossible to see it and I think he's disguising the serve extremely well. The fact that his hand is so loose gives him so much power like for a guy of his height, he's serving huge, without making effort.

You can see that his serve is effortless. Its just rhythm which is the best."

Mouratoglou: Kyrgios' feel for the serve is unbelievable

Even when players manage to read where Kyrgios will serve, in most cases it doesn't help them much.

Besides the power he has, Mouratoglou thinks it's the mobility in Kyrgios' arms that allows him to serve so big. "He (Nick Kyrgios) has unbelievable hands and we can see it in the game, so when he touches the ball on the serve he has such a feel that his accuracy is unbelievable," Mouratoglou added.

"He has power because his rhythm is great and if you look at his hand, his hand is completely free so he has an incredible whip effect on the serve, and I think he's very flexible also so he's able to find the short zone. Short cross here. Which is the one that is the most difficult to find by the way."

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