Mike Tyson opens up on positives tennis has brought to Tyson family


Mike Tyson opens up on positives tennis has brought to Tyson family

Boxing legend Mike Tyson reveals tennis has had a very positive impact on his daughter Milan as he is thrilled to see her turning into a very confident individual. Tyson, who is considered as one of the greatest athletes in sports history, has fallen in love with tennis in recent years.

“It broadened my horizons, and I’m grateful to be involved and meeting everybody. It changed our life,” Tyson said, per Tennis365. “Our whole life has changed over tennis. I thought we were doing well and everything, and everything we were doing was making money, but that’s not bigger than my daughter playing tennis.

She’s bigger than everything in our life now. I see her transcending into something she would never have before if she hadn’t got involved in tennis. She has confidence. At 11/12 years old, she has confidence in herself”.

Tyson on the discipline his daughter has developed

Tyson's daughter is locked in on becoming a tennis pro one day. According to Tyson, Milan has developed a very strict discipline and has a strong work ethic. Tyson was known as an athlete who was always striving for greatness.

Judging by his words, his daughter is the exact same. “She is disciplined in her own. She gets up, cooks her meals, takes a shower and goes to the gym every day at 7 or 8 am," Tyson added. “She stays there until 4 pm.

She is very diligent, and she wants to do this. I’m very proud to have someone in my family who understands that sometimes things don’t go your way. That’s what life is about, sometimes things don’t go your way and you handle your situations and misfortunes”.

Meanwhile, Tyson's favorite player to watch is 21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic. When asked why, Tyson explained that he likes Djokovic because he is "a true fighter."

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