John Lloyd opens up on his divorce from Chris Evert

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John Lloyd opens up on his divorce from Chris Evert

1977 Australian Open finalist John Lloyd admitted that by marrying Chris Evert he entered a "world that was out my league." In 1979, Lloyd and former 18-time Grand Slam champion Evert tied the knot. After eight years of marriage, Lloyd and Evert decided to go their separate ways.

The Lloyd and Evert marriage drew lots of media attention since they were a tennis power couple. But Evert was a far bigger tennis star and Lloyd was feeling it in every day life. “I went into a world that was way out of my league,” Lloyd told Tennis365.

“I think I had a little bit of preparation, but I wasn’t the same as being married to a world star who was famous beyond belief. You don’t think of it at the time and then you go to places. When you marry someone who’s as famous as that, you have to swallow your ego and leave it a door, the front door.

There were times when I was referred to Mr. Evert, and all that sort of stuff."

Lloyd thought he and Evert were 'too young' to settle

Lloyd and Evert didn't have children together but both became parents with different partners after they split.

Ironically, Lloyd reveals he and Evert now live 20 minutes from each other and occassionally they run into each other. “Overall, I wouldn’t change it,” he added. “I think if we were married 10 years later, I think we might have had a shot, but we were both too young.

You are on the road a lot as a tennis player. For Chris and I, we were on different circuits, away from the Slam events and spending time apart is not a natural thing. I think that’s half the reason e fell away by the wayside.

We gave it a decent shot, but it didn’t work out. It was fine. We didn’t have any children and maybe that was for the best. She has since had three children and I’ve had two. We’ve had a different life since.

Ironically we now live 20 minutes away from each other. We see each other occasionally and it’s fine”.