Barbara Schett weighs in on Daniil Medvedev confronting heckling fans in Montreal

Medvedev received the 'loser' chants following his Montreal exit.

by Dzevad Mesic
Barbara Schett weighs in on Daniil Medvedev confronting heckling fans in Montreal

Eurosport tennis expert Barbara Schett praised Daniil Medvedev for how calmly he handled the heckling fan incident in Montreal. As Medvedev was making his way out of Montreal's tennis complex following a second round defeat to Nick Kyrgios, he received the "loser" chants.

Medvedev turned back and approached his hecklers - but nothing happened as the Russian was surrounded by security staff and he approached the hecklers just to ask them why they felt the need to insult him like that.

“First of all, I was in shock when I saw those images that when Daniil Medvedev walked off the court, it was actually a father and a son who yelled out 'loser, loser'," Schett said on Eurosport.

"It would have been easy for Daniil Medvedev to just ignore it because, as a tennis player, you learn to ignore lots of comments from fans, to walk past that. But I was very impressed how calmly he talked to those fans because it was very disrespectful [of] them.

I think he is the kind of person who takes things to heart. It really hurts him when people call him a loser. So he just wanted to set things clear and straight. I'm proud of him that he kept it together. I don't think I could have kept it together."

Kyrgios wasn't happy after seeing Medvedev being heckled

After the video of Medvedev addressing his hecklers went viral, the Russian was asked to explain what indeed happened.

“It doesn't matter, after the match, during the tournament, on the street or at home – if someone laughs at me, I will answer. I came up and asked: 'What's the problem? Why do you say that? Don't do that,'" Medvedev said.

After Kyrgios - the player who sent Medvedev packing out of Montreal - saw the video, he described it as a "disgusting behavior." Also, Kyrgios described Medvedev as one of the best in the game and added that some fans need to show more respect.

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