Cori Gauff tells two nice Nick Kyrgios gestures she will never forget

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Cori Gauff tells two nice Nick Kyrgios gestures she will never forget

Cori Gauff reveals she has only had positive experiences with Nick Kyrgios and she thinks the Australian is actually a nice person. Gauff, 18, was just 13 when Kyrgios accepted to have a hit with her. Gauff was impressed by Kyrgios' gesture as that's something she will never forget.

"Overall, I think he's a nice person. At least he's always been to me. I remember I first hit with him, he probably doesn't remember this, I was 13 years old at Miami Open. He finished his practice, hit with me for, like, 30 minutes," Gauff said.

"It's just things like that that stands out for me. That's why I feel like I can never dislike him because constantly when I see him around, he's always saying hello."

Gauff recalled another nice Kyrgios gesture

When Gauff was 14, she spotted Kyrgios on a practice court with Frances Tiafoe.

After finishing a two-hour practice session with Tiafoe, Kyrgios accepted to have a hit with Gauff. Gauff absolutely appreciated Kyrgios' gesture. "Again, when I was 14 at Miami Open again, he finished a two-hour practice.

I think with Frances Tiafoe. I remember saying, There's no way he's going to want to hit with me," Gauff said. "Just grind it out for two hours. He actually stayed and hit with me for an hour again." It is not a secret that Kyrgios hasn't enjoyed the best reputation since coming to the Tour.

But Gauff feels he is actually a very nice person. "It's just moments like that that people don't really see about him. So I think people paint him as a bad guy. I feel around the grounds, at least my experience of him, he's not," Gauff said.

"I think, in the end it helped me in the long run as a player hitting with him. He told me good things about my game. At that time I'm like, Nick Kyrgios thinks I'm a good player. You start to believe that and gain confidence in that."