Carlos Alcaraz reveals Nick Kyrgios' DM after US Open triumph


Carlos Alcaraz reveals Nick Kyrgios' DM after US Open triumph

Carlos Alcaraz revealed that Nick Kyrgios messaged him after his US Open title prediction turned out to be correct. Kyrgios, who exited the US Open after losing to Karen Khachanov in the quarterfinal, named Alcaraz as the favorite for the tournament title even before he was beaten.

On Sunday, Alcaraz defeated Casper Ruud in the US Open final to become a Grand Slam champion at the age of 19. Shortly after Alcaraz's triumph, Kyrgios messaged the 19-year-old by saying he told him what was going to happen.

"Honestly, I check the DM of Instagram. I saw Nick Kyrgios' message. I didn't read the whole message, but I read that he said, 'I told you,'" Alcaraz said.

Alcaraz was a bit stunned after Kyrgios' prediction

When reporters told Alcaraz about Kyrgios' prediction, he was visibly stunned and described it as "crazy" to hear the Australian pick him as the US Open title favorite.

Also, Alcaraz said he felt Kyrgios was among top favorites for the US Open title. "For me (it) is crazy that Kyrgios says that I'm the favourite or I'm going to win the tournament. I would say he's one of the favourites as well.

He has the level. I would say he's more serious off the court. I would say he plays unbelievable. Everybody knows that. Yeah, he's one of the favourites to win the tournament as well," Alcaraz said. After Kyrgios beat Daniil Medvedev and Frances Tiafoe upset Rafael Nadal, many had Kyrgios and Alcaraz meeting in the final.

Alcaraz did manage to get out from his part of the draw, but Kyrgios didn't after suffering a surprise loss to Khachanov. By winning the US Open, Alcaraz also reached the top ranking. At the age of 19, Alcaraz already has a Grand Slam title to his name and he is among top-10 youngest No. 1s in tennis history.

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