Marcelo Rios sounds off on rising Chinese star dad who fired him for 'no reason'

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Marcelo Rios sounds off on rising Chinese star dad who fired him for 'no reason'

1998 Australian Open finalist Marcelo Rios suggested he was fired by Juncheng Shang because the 17-year-old's father wanted him gone. Shang, who is currently enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 195 in the world, is one of the most promising young players on the ATP Tour.

"They didn't give me a reason. Not even 'we don't like they way you dress' Asked Jerry [Juncheng] and he told me 'my dad', so I understood everything," Rios told La Tercera, as revealed by Jose Morgado.

This season, Shang has made two Challenger - one won Challenger title - and also collected a Futures title.

Rios is 100% sure that he wasn't fired because of Shang's results of performance. "His parents don't give him any space. They are always with him and that hurts the kid. I wasn't fired because of results, he made two finals and was #190 ATP.

But I will be honest: didn't enjoy my time with that father," Rios added.

Rios had a hard time dealing with Shang's father

"For me, a professional should practice twice per day on court + physical.

Shang was doing 2 hours per day, wakes up at 12pm, every little pain and we stop. In the week that his dad had covid we didn't practice. Such a different and tough culture to understand," Rios claimed.

In August, Shang made back-to-back Challenger finals in Lexington and Granby.

Shang went all the way in Lexington, while he ended runner-up in Granby. After being out of action for two weeks, Shang returned to action at last week's Cary Challenger. In Cary, Shang suffered a three-set defeat to Jordan Thompson in the round-of-16.

Overall, it has been a good and positive year for Shang result-wise. Shang, who started the year as the 666th-ranked player in the world, is now inside the top-200. With a few more notable results in the rest of the year, Shang could very well broke into the top-150.