Carlos Alcaraz receving 'more indecent proposals' on Instagram after reaching No. 1

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Carlos Alcaraz receving 'more indecent proposals' on Instagram after reaching No. 1

US Open champion Carlos Alcaraz jokingly revealed that he is receiving "more indecent proposals" on Instagram since reaching the top ranking on the ATP Tour. Alcaraz, 19, became the youngest top-ranked player in tennis history after overtaking Daniil Medvedev following his US Open victory.

Alcaraz is now a major tennis superstar, who has been tipped to win multiple Grand Slams and dominate the game for the years to come. "Are you receiving more indecent proposals on Instagram since you became number 1?," Alcaraz was asked, per Jose Morgado.

The Spaniard then answered with a, "Yes."

Alcaraz not feeling the pressure

Alcaraz's stunning start to his career has led to many comparisons with the Big Three. But Alcaraz insists he is dealing well with all the pressure, expectations and talk that is surrounding him.

"I don't feel any pressure because of it because for me it doesn't make sense. They dominated the tour for 20 years, I'm just starting," Alcaraz said. This season, Alcaraz has won a Grand Slam, two Masters titles, as well as reached the top ranking.

For the rest of the season, Alcaraz's primary goals will be to win the ATP Finals, Davis Cup Finals and finish the year ranked as No. 1. "I'm #1 and Grand Slam champ so the goal now is simple: win more Slams and stay as #1 as long as I can.

I'm gonna play Astana, Basel, Paris, ATP Finals and Davis. Goal is to finish the year as #1," Alcaraz added.

One of Alcaraz's trademarks is his drop shot. Alcaraz isn't afraid to go for a drop shots even in key or tight moments.

"Some of my dropshots are because I don't know what to do in that moment," Alcaraz jokingly revealed.

After winning the US Open, Alcaraz went straight to Valencia, where he helped Spain reach the Davis Cup Finals knockout stage.