Andrea Gaudenzi unveils great news on the ATP Challenger Tour


Andrea Gaudenzi unveils great news on the ATP Challenger Tour

ATP chairman Andrea Gaudenzi shared grat news about the ATP Challanger Tour. In the new season, which will start in January 2023, there will be some big news involving the second tier circuit of men's tennis. The announcement summarized it in three points, corresponding to the three sectors that were affected by this reform: the subdivision of categories; the record for the prize pool; the new calendar.

Regarding the first point, the ATP announced that the two categories that now exist, the Challenger 90 and 110, will be phased out.

From 2023, the main categories will be four:

Challenger 50
Challenger 75
Challenger 100
Challenger 125 In addition to these new categories, there will also be a fifth: a premium Challanger 175, which will take place during the ATP Masters 1000 in Indian Wells, Rome and Madrid.

This type of category will also be different in the prize pool: the latter will amount to $ 220,000. The second aspect that will be changed will be the prize pool. In general, there will be an increase in earnings for each round that is passed, in order to help young players who venture into the sport.

The ATP expects that the 2023 prize pool will increase by 60% compared to the current year (from $ 13.2 million to a record of $ 21.1 million): the Challenger 100 and 75 in particular will undergo notable changes. Lastly, the last change will concern the calendar: a new record number of events, reaching 195, with the current 183.

Changes not only in numbers, but also in terms of surfaces on which the tournaments will be played and the regions that will host them.

The words of Gaudenzi

The President of the ATP Gaudenzi commented on the changes promoted in favor of the Challenger Tour.

Gaudenzi explained: "The Challenger Tour is the springboard for men's professional tennis. These changes represent a fundamental step forward: the earning potential for players increases and the categories become more balanced, both in terms of surfaces and regions.

The standard of the new tournaments, therefore, will undergo an increase. This, however, is only the beginning: the commitment remains to provide developments in the coming months and years."

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