Nick Kyrgios responds to Stefanos Tsitsipas' challenge

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Nick Kyrgios responds to Stefanos Tsitsipas' challenge

Stefanos Tsitsipas challenged Nick Kyrgios for a match in Costa Navarino and Kyrgios accepted the invitation. "Nick Kyrgios I challenge you to come here, we play a rematch. Mr. Kyrgios, please come to Costa Navarino, I'd like a revenge match and no talking this time," Tsitsipas said in a video for Tennis Channel International.

Kyrgios shared the video on his Instagram Story, where he revealed he was accepting the invitation.

"Done. Let's get this revenge match going. When and where and how much," Kyrgios wrote on his Instagram Story as a response.

Tsitsipas lost twice to Kyrgios during the grass season

After losing to Kyrgios in Halle, Tsitsipas was also beaten by Kyrgios at Wimbledon.

Their Wimbledon meeting was full of tension and Tsitsipas unloaded on Kyrgios after the match. "It's constant bullying," Tsitsipas said of Kyrgios after their Wimbledon match. "He was probably a bully at school.

I don't like bullies. He has a very evil side to him." Tsitsipas was up by a set in both Halle and Wimbledon, before losing to Kyrgios. After the Wimbledon defeat, Tsitsipas suggested Kyrgios was tactically speaking and complaining because he wanted to throw him off his game.

"I wish we could all come together and put a rule in place. I don't know. Something about talking. Why would you be talking while you're playing? It makes no sense," Tsitsipas added. "Every single point that I played today I feel like there was something going on on the other side of the net.

That's his way of manipulating the opponent and making you feel distracted, in a way. There is no other player that does this. There is no other player that is so upset and frustrated all the time with something. I really hope all us players can come up with something and make this a cleaner version of our sport, have this kind of behaviour not accepted, not allowed, not tolerated."