Ex-Australian Open semifinalist Hyeon Chung comments on his return to tennis

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Ex-Australian Open semifinalist Hyeon Chung comments on his return to tennis

Former world No. 19 Hyeon Chung couldn't hide his happiness after returning to the court following a two-year absence. Chung, 26, is competing in the doubles event of this week's Korea Open in Seoul. In the Seoul doubles first round, Chung and Sonwoo Kwon defeated Hans Hach and Treat Huey 2-6 6-2 10-8.

“Due to my injuries, I needed to [stay on the] sideline over the [past] few years and then finally I made it back on court again,” Chung said, per the ATP website. “I’m feeling just so happy to play tennis again”.

Chung was out for two years because his back required an extensive treatment and rehab. “I had to treat it and rehab, treat and rehab all the time,” Chung said. “Then [it was] training, training, training and rehab for like [the whole] two years”.

Chung hopes to stay healthy

Even before the back injury, Chung was often plagued by various injuries. Now, 2018 Australian Open semifinalist Chung is hoping he will be able to stay healthy and return to the game that once made him a Grand Slam semifinalist and a top-20 player.

“[My] first goal for sure is [to suffer] no injuries, so staying healthy,” Chung said. “This is my first competition after two years, so I don’t want to rush, I don’t want to push too hard”.

This week, Chung is playing for the first time since the 2020 French Open. “[There are] many feelings coming together, like happiness and a little bit nervousness because I didn’t play for two years,” Chung said.

“But I’m just happy to play again, especially at home where I live in Seoul”. Chung was once considered as one of the most promising and talented players in the world. Unfortunately, injuries derailed his progress and caused him to miss lots of time.