Holger Rune responds to fan calling him 'Holger Rude' and 'stupid athlete'

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Holger Rune responds to fan calling him 'Holger Rude' and 'stupid athlete'

French Open quarterfinalist Holger Rune has once strongly denied that he screamed at his mother to leave during his quarterfinal match at Roland Garros. On Sunday, a fan referred to Rune as "Holger Rude" and called him "a stupid athlete.

"Holger Rude! Rude to his mom, Stupid athlete!" a fan tweeted. Rune said in his response: "No my dear. I never am or will be rude to my mother. If you are referring to roland garros she was not the one I asked to leave and I told the press after but gossip lives forever."

Rune: Don't believe everything you read

"He’s dreadful!

After his antics in Paris I’ve got zero respect for him! The less we see of him the better!" another fan wrote.

Rune responded: "Sorry if I disappointed you getting angry in a match after getting broken at 2:30 at night.

FYI I did not tell my mother to leave if this is what you are referring to. This is gossip and stories made up. I told the press the right version after but they only take clicks serious." During his French Open quarterfinal match versus Casper Ruud, Rune appeared to yell toward his box.

After his mother left the box, some thought that Rune screamed at her to leave. Rune strongly denied those claims after the match, but some didn't really believe him. "First of all, I didn’t tell my mother to leave the stadium," Rune said in his post-match press conferece.

"That’s not why. It was another person. So that’s wrong. I love my mother and I don’t send her away. When I’m frustrated it can help that either my mother or coach leaves so I don’t have two people to refer to.

She also left at some point against Stefanos [Tsitsipas]. To give me ease. She controls it, not me."