Andrey Rublev hints British government didn't want Daniil Medvedev at Laver Cup

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Andrey Rublev hints British government didn't want Daniil Medvedev at Laver Cup

Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev indicated that the British government shut down the possibility of Daniil Medvedev competing at this year's Laver Cup. Rublev, who debuted at the Laver Cup in 2021, was asked whether he was invited to this year's Laver Cup edition in London.

Rublev revealed that he wasn't invited but that it wouldn't change much even if he was invited and wanted to play. This year, Wimbledon banned Russian and Belarusian players from competing at Wimbledon. Per reports, the British government was the driving force behind Wimbledon's decision to impose player bans on Russian and Belarusian players.

“I don't. I know that Dana (Medvedev) - yes. But the British government is there, and they hinted that it probably won’t work," Rublev told Championat.

Rublev, Medvedev may again be banned from competing at Wimbledon

Shortly after this year's Wimbledon was over, James Gray of iNews reported that Russian and Belarusian players may again face the same fate in 2023.

"Wimbledon's ban on Russian and Belarusian players caused British tennis big problems - and could continue to do so. Sources say unless there is a change in UK Government's position on Russian athletes re: war in Ukraine, ban is expected to remain," Gray reported mid-July.

When Wimbledon imposed player bans on Russian players, Rublev was competing in Belgrade.

Rublev slammed Wimbledon over their player ban on Russian players and accused them of being "discriminatory" against Russian players. On the other side, Medvedev didn't really want to get too much into it. The ATP and WTA didn't like Wimbledon's decision as they responded by removing ranking points from this year's tournament.

As a result of the ATP sanction, Novak Djokovic - who successfully defended his Wimbledon title - lost 2,000 points and dropped in the rankings after The Championships. The whole Wimbledon situation caused lots of controversy and going through all over it again in 2023 wouldn't be good for tennis.