United Cup: why is there so much controversy?


United Cup: why is there so much controversy?

A new competition will officially open the 2023 season: this is one of the most relevant news in the tournament calendar announced for next year. Once the ATP Cup was eliminated, which did not convince anybody else due to the format and methods of conduct, especially in terms of the final show offered to the crowd, the United Cup was born, a sporting event that united the interests of Atp and Wta.

In the last days of December the great event will begin in Australia in which men and women will compete in the same team. After the Hopman Cup, a competition that links the two circuits is back. Who will participate? As many as 18 countries, chosen with a method quite similar to that of the ATP Cup: six will be qualified thanks to the best ranking in the men's tour, six with a prominent position in the women's one, while the remaining six will combine both rankings.

The duration will be 11 days, from December 29th to Sunday January 8th, dates that will allow players to spend the end of the year in Oceania. Three venues chosen by the organizers (Brisbane, Perth, Sydney), which will each host two groups.

The format of each match will consist of two ATP singles matches and two WTAs, with a mixed doubles match as the fifth. Final Four scheduled for the last three days in Sydney. It will not be an exhibition event, as points will be up for grabs for the athletes involved from the various nations (up to 500 for the champions of the event).

The contest will also have a substantial prize money, with a total of $ 15 million.

United Cup: why is there so much controversy?

There has been some controversy about this new competition, especially on a particular aspect.

Russian and Belarusian tennis players will not be admitted: the ATP and the WTA have thus decided to adapt to the hard line maintained in the other reviews, not even making discounts in the United Cup. For the great Australian event, all that remains is to start the countdown for the start official, which will take place in the coming weeks.

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