Boris Becker set to be deported to Germany, spend Christmas with family

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Boris Becker set to be deported to Germany, spend Christmas with family

Former six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker is reportedly set to spend Christmas in Germany, according to The Sun. In April, Becker was sentenced to two and a half years of prison after being found guilty of hiding assets worth £2.5 million after filing for bankruptcy.

But according to the latest reports from Great Britain, Becker has been approved for a fast-track scheme for foreign offenders. Under that scheme, foreigners who commit crimes in Great Britain are sent to their home countries in a bid to free up British prisons.

“He’s been signed up to a scheme that means he’ll be home in time for Christmas," one prison source told The Sun.

Becker set to be in Germany for Christmas

“We are pleased for Boris that he may qualify for an early release and be able to travel to Germany, albeit England has been his home for many, many years.

I’m sure it will mean a lot to him and his family to be reunited for Christmas," Becker's former spokesman said. Becker being in Germany in time for Christmas shouldn't really be a surprise since it was first speculated a few months ago.

“Any foreign national who is convicted of a crime and given a prison sentence is considered for deportation at the earliest opportunity," a Home Office spokesman said. Earlier this year, Novak Djokovic offered some empathy for his former coach Becker.

Under the guidance of Becker, Djokovic enjoyed much success as the two won six Grand Slams as a player/coach duo. When Djokovic was asked about the Becker situation, he said he was "heatbroken." "[I'm] just heartbroken, I mean, for him.

He's a friend, a longtime friend, a coach for three, four years, someone I consider close in my life and has contributed a lot to my success in my career," Djokovic said after Becker was handed a prison sentence.