Alexander Zverev's status for 2023 Davis Cup revealed

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Alexander Zverev's status for 2023 Davis Cup revealed

Alexander Zverev has committed to play the Davis Cup next year, according to German team captain Michael Kohlmann. Zverev, 25, was among those who heavily criticized the new Davis Cup format and he wasn't with the German team last year.

But this year, Zverev changed his stance and appeared in the competition for the first time since 2019. Unfortunately for Zverev and the German team, the 25-year-old was hit by a bone edema and that's why he wasn't able to represent his nation during the Davis Cup Finals group stage.

On Thursday, Germany exited the Davis Cup Finals after suffering a quarterfinal defeat to Canada. "He anounced, in general, he is with us in 2023, no matter the finals are in November or December, because he likes to be part of the team and wants to win the event," Kohlmann told Jannik Schneider.

Zverev is preparing to play his first tournament since the French Open

After tearing several ankle ligaments at the French Open, Zverev sustained a bone edema while with the German Davis Cup team in September.

In recent time, Zverev returned to the practice court as he is expected to play the Diriyah Tennis Cup (December 08-10) and World Tennis League (December 19-24). Recently, Mischa Zverev explained the importance of his brother getting some matches under his belt ahead of the new season.

“We were able to train last week. On Monday, we were even able to play a little longer. So far he's pain-free and feels good. He just needs a few matches before the big season. Since the great match against Nadal - unfortunately with a bitter end - he has not been able to play any games.

That is why we signed up for a couple of exhibition tournaments. Training sets at home without an audience are just something different. So you have to be on the court, against a top player, with ball boys and referees to feel the adrenaline again.

What do you do when the score is 30-30? How do you behave on the second serve? You just have to test that again. Just like your foot. In Australia, he wants to start at the United Cup. Of course, he doesn't miss that," Mischa told Eurosport Germany.