Nick Kyrgios takes shot at Fernando Verdasco following doping suspension news

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Nick Kyrgios takes shot at Fernando Verdasco following doping suspension news

Nick Kyrgios says he is "not really surprised" after learning about Fernando Verdasco's doping suspension. This week, the ITIA announced Verdasco accepted a two-month ban after one of his tests from earlier year showed methylphenidate - an ADHD medication.

According to the ITIA, Verdasco - who was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication by his physician - forgot to renew his Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) when it expired. Because of an "inadvertent" doping case, the ITIA reduced Verdasco's two-year ban to a two-month ban.

"Can’t say I’m surprised with this one," Kyrgios wrote on Twitter after learning about the Verdasco news.

Kyrgios, Verdasch exchanged words in the past

During the 2018 Miami Masters third round, Verdasco got into it with Thanasi Kokkinakis during their match.

While the match was still on, Kyrgios - who is Kokkinakis' close friend - described Verdasco as "a salty dude." “I hope TK wins this match, Verdasco is the saltiest dude, must be frustrated at his past success against Aussies," Kyrgios wrote in a tweet that he shortly after deleted.

Addressing Kyrgios' tweet, Verdasco said: "Nick Kyrgios, when you have the courage to put a tweet insulting another player you need to have the same to don’t delete it." Kyrgios responded: "I would honestly have told it to Fernando’s face, the reason I deleted my previous tweet was because I didn’t want to cause unwanted attention, but I’m just gonna leave this here.

Thanks for blocking me, I’m sure that took a lot of courage x." Meanwhile, Kyrgios is expected to play in December, while Verdasco's suspension will expire on 8 January. Between 08-10 December, Kyrgios will be making his debut at the Diriyah Tennis Cup in Saudi Arabia.

In a recent interview, Kyrgios said he is looking forward to playing in Saudi Arabia - a country that he is set to visit for the first time in his life.