Coach Mark Philippoussis comes to Stefanos Tsitsipas' defence

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Coach Mark Philippoussis comes to Stefanos Tsitsipas' defence

Coach Mark Philippoussis underlined that Stefanos Tsitsipas had an elbow surgery during the 2021 offseason and added he expects big things from the Greek in the future. After concluding his 2022 season, Tsitsipas went to Iceland.

On Instagram, Tsitsipas posted photos taken from his trip to Iceland. “I ain’t got no Visa. I ain’t got no Red American Express. We can’t go nowhere exotic. It don’t matter cause I’m the one that loves you best,” Tsitsipas captioned his Instagram post.

Philippoussis comes to Tsitsipas’ defense

In the comment section of Tsitsipas’ post, one fan advised Philippoussis to make Tsitsipas more focused on tennis and less on other stuff. “I understand what you're saying but don't forget that a year ago, Stef (Tsitsipas) had elbow surgery and finished the year at 4 in the world, not a bad year right? Also I love the photos he post, they are real unlike what most social media is like.

Don't worry his time will come, big things ahead I believe," Philippoussis wrote. Philippoussis, the 2003 Wimbledon runner-up, has been helping Tsitsipas to improve his net game. “He (Tsitsipas) stays at the back, but he likes to come forward.

I believe that's something that can be worked on. No one was working on those volleys. I understand times have changed, I understand that conditions are slower, courts are heavier, balls are heavier. But it's still an important part of the game, coming in and finishing balls off at the net," Philippoussis explained.

Meanwhile, Tsitsipas is preparing to compete at the Diriyah Tennis Cup in Saudi Arabia. The Diriyah Tennis Cup is taking place between 08-10 December. Tsitsipas won't be the lone big name in Saudi Arabia as the likes of Daniil Medvedev, Nick Kyrgios and Alexander Zverev are also expected to play. It remains to be seen if Tsitsipas can win the Diriyah Tennis Cup.