Tommy Haas pays touching tribute to Nick Bollettieri following coach's death at 91

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Tommy Haas pays touching tribute to Nick Bollettieri following coach's death at 91

Former world No 2 Tommy Haas paid a touching tribute to Nick Bollettieri following the passing of the legendary tennis coach. Bollettieri, an iconic tennis coach, passed away at the age of 91. Haas, who played his last tournament in 2017, was one of Bollettieri's proteges and someone who was deeply loved by the legendary tennis coach.

Bollettieri famously coached a number of players before they went on to become Grand Slam champions and all-time greats. Bollettieri's list also included Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Marcelo Rios, Jim Courier, Michael Chang, Maria Sharapova, Monica Seles, Anna Kournikova.and Jelena Jankovic.

Haas' touching tribute to Bollettieri

"So many memories, I am not sure where to begin. Nickiiiii, that’s how i have called you for the longest time. Thank you for your time, knowledge, commitment, expertise, the willingness to share your skill, your personal interest in mentoring me,and giving me the best opportunity to follow my dreams.

You were a dreamer and a doer, and a pioneer in our sport, truly one of a kind. I surely will miss you around the academy, our Tennis talks, miss showing of your tan, white teeth and body fat, miss watching you do Tai Chi, miss playing Golf with you watching you try to cheat, eating a Snickers bar and running for the bushes, and hearing all about your plans even at the age of 91.

Thanks again for everything. RIP Nickiiiii," Haas wrote in his Instagram post.

Haas, 44, turned pro in 1996 and played the final tournament of his career in 2017.

Haas never won a Grand Slam and never reached the world No 1 ranking, but he was close to achieving those feats several times. During his career, Haas made four Grand Slam semifinals and was ranked as high as No 2 in the world. Haas maybe never won a Grand Slam but still he had a very successful career.