Coach Marko Tudor on Bernard Tomic: Another story of overtraining at a young age

Tudor worked with Tomic when the Australian started his career.

by Dzevad Mesic
Coach Marko Tudor on Bernard Tomic: Another story of overtraining at a young age

Milos Raonic's coach Marko Tudor thinks Bernard Tomic is a perfect example of what happens when someone is a victim of "overtraining at a young age." After enjoying a very successful junior career, an 18-year-old Tomic made the Wimbledon quarterfinal as a qualifier in 2011.

At the time, Tomic was working with coach Tudor. After becoming the youngest player since Becker to reach a Wimbledon quarterfinal, Tomic never again reached a Grand Slam quarterfinal. Several years ago, Tomic admitted that he was burnt out.

In one of his interviews, Tomic also admitted that he missed out on many normal teenage things because he had to be on the practice court. Now, coach Tudor confirms that Tomic's father was overly obsessed with tennis and also added that comparing Tomic to Roger Federer was just too much.

Coach Tudor on Tomic: Another story of overtraining at a young age

"I worked with Bernard a decade ago for a year and a half, when he reached the quarterfinals of Wimbledon as a nineteen-year-old. I can say that he has a great feel in his hand.

But I didn't agree with the reports in the Australian media, who at the time were writing that he was the new Federer. It is not even close to the Big Three in any way. His father was obsessed with tennis and insanely ambitious, so Bernard trained five times more than the competition, we're talking 5 to 6 hours a day on the court.

Ever since he was eight years old and that's why he already won the Junior Grand Slam at the age of sixteen. His ball is different from the competition, he plays it completely flat and jumps extremely low. I've never played against shots like that and you really have to get used to them.

But you should know that at the beginning he was a surprise for the Tour, but they quickly began to read him and understand his game. He certainly could have achieved much more than he did, but to be material like Federer. Not even close.

Considering all the pressure from his father, I'm not surprised that Bernard got sick of tennis and withdrew for a while, now I'm seeing that he is coming back. But this is another story of overtraining at a young age," Tudor told Sport Klub Slovenia.

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