Nick Kyrgios offered to play in local club ahead of AO, winner takes $1,200

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Nick Kyrgios offered to play in local club ahead of AO, winner takes $1,200

Manly Seaside Championship Marc Dragan has invited Nick Kyrgios to return to this year’s tournament. Kyrgios, 27, made his first Grand Slam final at this year’s Wimbledon and now he is the top-ranked Australian male tennis player.

In 2010, a 15-year-old Kyrgios competed at the Manly Seaside Championship in Sydney. Manly Seaside Championship is traditionally played during the Christmas-New Year period and the winner will pocket $1,200, while the runner-up will go home with $585.

Kyrgios, who exited the Manly Seaside Championship in the round-of-16 in 2010, has been cheekily invited to play at the tournament again.

Kyrgios invited to play at the Manly Seaside Championship

“Nick has made it clear the Australian Open is his goal but he will need a solid warm-up before heading to Melbourne.

What better way to do that than to play at the Seaside and work his way back into it at a laidback but competitive tournament played at a great time of the year. We are situated a lob shot away from the beach and there are plenty of good restaurants, shops and bars to keep him entertained when the tennis is done.

I'm sure he would have good memories of playing at Manly as a teenager and this might be his last chance to get on our famous honour board,” Dragan told Yahoo Sport Australia. Meanwhile, Kyrgios is competing at this week’s inaugural World Tennis League in Dubai.

After the World Tennis League, Kyrgios will fly back to Australia. Between 29 December - 08 January, the inaugural United Cup will be taking place across Australia. Kyrgios has signed up to represent Australia. After the United Cup, Kyrgios will be competing at the Adelaide International 2.

Then, Kyrgios goes to Melbourne, where he will be aiming to win his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open.

It remains to be seen if Kyrgios can win his first Major in front of his home fans.

Nick Kyrgios