Coach Patrick Mouratoglou on Holger Rune potentially becoming No 1: Why not?

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Coach Patrick Mouratoglou on Holger Rune potentially becoming No 1: Why not?

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou thinks Holger Rune could potentially reach the world No 1 ranking in 2023. Rune, 19, captured his first Masters title after stunning Novak Djokovic in the Paris final. Following his Paris victory, Rune broke into the top-10 for the first time in his career as he reached a career-high ranking of No 10 in the world.

This offseason, Rune underlined his top two goals in 2023 are winning a Grand Slam and becoming the world No 1. Mouratoglou, who worked with Rune during the indoor season, feels Rune is 100% serious in his claims and will do everything he can to accomplish those goals in 2023.

Mouratoglou on Rune reaching No 1: Why not?

"World No 1 next year, is that realistic? Why not. When you can do what he did, anything is possible. Now, it's going to require him to be able to perform like he did in Bercy [at the Paris Masters], all year long, and especially in the Grand Slams and in the Masters 1000, where it counts the most.

So it's not going to be easy, obviously, but if it were easy to be the best in the world, we'd know already. Is that realistic? It's not unrealistic. It will be extremely difficult, but it is not unrealistic." Mouratoglou told Eurosport's Arnold Montgault.

If Rune wants to replace Carlos Alcaraz as the world No 1, Mouratoglou says the Dane will have to consistently perform well on the Grand Slam and Masters level. "The steps are simple when you want to become world No 1. You're going to have to shine in the Masters 1000.

He's got to win at least three and he's got to win at least one Grand Slam if he wants to be. But we're trying not to look too far ahead because it's good to stay in the short term," Mouratoglou explained. Rune finished the 2022 season ranked at No 11 in the world.

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