Kei Nishikori makes harrowing revelation: I needed surgery to trim the bones

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Kei Nishikori makes harrowing revelation: I needed surgery to trim the bones

Kei Nishikori revealed the doctors literally trimmed his bones as reshaping his bones was the only way for him to get rid of the pain that was constantly hampering him. In late 2019, Nishikori had surgery on his right elbow.

Then in early 2022, Nishikori surgically repaired his damaged hip. Judging by Nishikori's comments made to Nikkan Sports, it seems that the Japanese had an osteotomy - a surgery where damaged or injured bone is cut and reshaped to improve function and reduce pain "My bones have been deformed in hip and elbow, I needed surgery to trim the bones otherwise I feel pain, so (what happened) was inevitable, I never think about what I should have done (with these injuries), I know it's an unanswered question," Nishikori told Nikkan Sports.

Nishikori would like to play Carlos Alcaraz

After undergoing hip surgery, Nishikori was targeting to make his return in the summer of 2022.

But 12 months have passed since the surgery and Nishikori hasn't played since. While Nishikori has been out, tennis has gotten new champions, most notably Carlos Alcaraz. Nishikori, a former world No 4, described Alcaraz as "unique" and admitted he would like to test himself against the 19-year-old.

"Tennis has drastically changed this year with Alcaraz and young players like Sinner, Felix and Ruud, but I'm not overwhelmed with their rising, rather looking forward to playing them. For me it's more about battle against myself than being concerned about playing youngsters.

But I've never played with Alcaraz or Ruud even at practice, so I want to experience their play. Feel a bit afraid of playing Alcaraz, his tennis is unique and opening up a new dimension of tennis, I want to play him and feel it," Nishikori said.

Meanwhile, it does not seem that Nishikori will be competing at the Australian Open. It remains to be seen when will Nishikori finally make his long-awaited comeback.

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