Stan Wawrinka asked if this is his final season in pro tennis

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Stan Wawrinka asked if this is his final season in pro tennis

Stan Wawrinka has indicated that he is planning to play beyond the 2023 season. Wawrinka, 37, had two surgeries on his foot in 2021. Wawrinka, who returned to action last March, has yet to rediscover his best game since returning.

But Wawrinka had a strong offseason and he is hoping to make some notable results in 2023. During an interview with a Swiss media, Wawrinka was directly asked if this is his last pro season. "In this mid-January, I would like to say no.

No, because I didn't try so hard to have to quit in a few months. I didn't get so fit for just one season. And at the same time, it is clear that you never know what can happen. But honestly, I want to last a few more years," Wawrinka told

Wawrinka: I'm a bit scared of retirement

Wawrinka, who turned pro in 2002, is a three-time Grand Slam champion and has been ranked at No 3 in the world.

Wawrinka has had a very successful career and tennis has given him many beautiful moments. In the same interview, Wawrinka admitted to feeling a bit scared about the moment when his career comes to an end. "Yes, I have to admit that this step worries me.

I don't think about it for the moment, but I know it will be very hard for me to turn the page. Because I love my sport, I love the emotions it gives me, I love the game. The rest can only be different from all that. But when the day comes, I'll try to make sure it goes as well as possible.

I hope it will be as late as possible," Wawrinka admitted. In late 2022, Wawrinka got back to working with coach Magnus Norman. This is their third stint as Norman in the past guided Wawrinka to three Grand Slams. Wawrinka wants to finish his career on a high note and he wants Norman to be a part of it.