Boris Becker: I wasn't suprised that Alexander Zverev struggled against Michael Mmoh

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Boris Becker: I wasn't suprised that Alexander Zverev struggled against Michael Mmoh

Boris Becker said Alexander Zverev struggling in his Australian Open second-round defeat to Michael Mmoh shouldn't really be surprising considering that he just returned from a six-month injury break. Zverev, a former world No 2, was upset by 107th-ranked lucky loser Mmoh as the American beat the German 6-7 (1) 6-4 6-3 6-2 to progress into the Australian Open third round.

“Well, I wasn't totally surprised that Zverev struggled in his second round against the lucky loser Mmoh. We shouldn't forget he didn't play an official tournament really in seven months after his broken right ankle against Nadal at the French Open.

The first round was very difficult. He won in five sets, being two sets one down and so physically it's impossible for him to be in any, you know, shape at all. Just also remember best of five in the Grand Slam is a lot harder.

So I thought he was going to struggle physically and that's what he did. I think he tried hard. I think it really gave everything he had left in the tank, but I don't think the tang is really full," Becker told Eurosport.

Becker preaches patience with Zverev after the loss to Mmoh

Even though Zverev wasn't playing his best tennis, it doesn't change the fact that Mmoh just collected the biggest win of his career.

Becker, a former world No 1, also took a moment to congratulate Mmoh after his big win over Zverev. “On the other hand, compliments to Mmoh. He took his chance, you know, he lost in qualifying. He's a lucky loser, he got a late call, he had a match point against him in the first round.

He already booked his flight back home to America yesterday. Crazy. 48 hours in the life of Michael Mmoh!" Becker said. In Australia, Zverev played a total of four matches. In those four matches, Zverev went 1-3. It remains to be seen how will Zverev look in the tournaments after the Australian Open.