Coach Darren Cahill recalls time with Andre Agassi: His brain is quite unique

Cahill worked with Agassi during the American's last four pro years.

by Dzevad Mesic
Coach Darren Cahill recalls time with Andre Agassi: His brain is quite unique

Coach Darren Cahill absolutely enjoyed his time with the great Andre Agassi as he described the former world No 1 as someone whose "brain works in a quite unique way." In 2002 - when Agassi was 32 - he started working with Cahill.

At the start of the 2003 season, Agassi won his eighth and final Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. In June of that year, Agassi returned to the world No 1 spot - at the time the American set a record for the oldest No 1 in tennis history.

Cahill worked with Agassi until the American's retirement in 2006.

Cahill recalls working with Agassi

"The way his [Andre Agassi] brain works is quite unique and I've never really seen it in a tennis player. He will ask 50 questions about a certain player and about what they do and what their tendencies are and how much spin is going to be on the ball? Will they put the weight on the back leg? Will it be on the front leg? If I hit this certain type of shot, what would the reaction be? Will he slice, will he lean back? Will he play with a little bit of spin? Will I be able to attack the next ball? So you had to be on your game with him.

He didn't have to be right, because he understood that when you get on to the court, the responsibility is the players' But he needed all this information so he could process it before he went out and played his tennis match," Cahill said The Big Deal, per Sportskeeda.

When Cahill started working with Agassi, the talk was that Agassi's game was declining. On The Big Deal. Cahill revealed that those talks didn't scare him away from working with Agassi. Instead, Cahill enjoyed four successful years with Agassi and later became one of the most popular coaching names in the game.

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