Frances Tiafoe: It's different when LeBron James, Stephen Curry tell you some things

Tiafoe is a big basketball fan and a huge James admirer.

by Dzevad Mesic
Frances Tiafoe: It's different when LeBron James, Stephen Curry tell you some things

Frances Tiafoe admits advice from NBA superstars LeBron James and Stephen Curry just hits differently. Tiafoe, who is the second top-ranked American male tennis player, is a big fan of the game of basketball. In late 2022, Tiafoe met Los Angeles Lakers star James during the Lakers and Washington Wizards game.

This past February, Tiafoe participated in the NBA Celebrity Game during the All-Star weekend.

Tiafoe on his love for basketball, getting advice from James & Curry

"I guess I love hoops just because of the athleticism.

I guess everything around it, fashion, music, like, everyone just loves hoops. I think bringing people together, bringing cities together. But I think more within that, within falling in love with it, I think everyone being at great at something has the same mindset no matter what you are, if you’re a painter or whatever you are.

There’s a certain level of focus and commitment to whatever your craft is. Getting to know those guys and seeing that it’s not a cliche thing, it’s the same message, that anyone who is great, obviously, doing your business each and every day, the sacrifice you have to make for it.

It’s funny, your parents tell you the same s--- all the time, but when you hear it from Steph Curry or you hear it from LeBron, it’s a little different. I’m sorry. Sorry, mom. Sorry, dad. It’s a little different hearing it from them.

When they tell me that, yeah, I think it’s time to make some sacrifice (smiling). No, it’s all good fun. But, yeah, it’s just interesting how, like, you know there is no secret sauce. You’ve just got to get in there and do the unseen hours.

What you do in the dark will come to the light," Tiafoe said. In some of his matches, Tiafoe was seen pulling off James' iconic silencer celebration. Tiafoe loves basketball and participating during the NBA All-Star weekend was a dream come true.

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