Dusan Lajovic opens up on battling anxiety & OCD, starting psychotherapy sessions


Dusan Lajovic opens up on battling anxiety & OCD, starting psychotherapy sessions

Dusan Lajovic revealed he decided to start psychotherapy sessions after experiencing anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). In 2019, Lajovic had a career-best year as he won his first title in Umag - reached his first Masters final in Monte Carlo - achieved a career-high ranking of No 23 in the world.

Lajovic also started the 2020 season by winning the inaugural ATP Cup with Serbia. Then, the pandemic happened and when the Tour resumed, Lajovic's joy for tennis just wasn't anymore the same. "I’m working a lot now in psychotherapy.

I started a couple of months ago because I’ve been dealing with a lot lately, like anxiety, OCD, and depressing feelings. That influenced a lot when I was on the court. In tennis you need to fix all the things to perform well.

I’m trying to improve myself," Lajovic told CLAY.

Lajovic on why he thinks psychotherapy is great

Lajovic, 32, thinks psychotherapy is a great tool to improve mental health and help someone have a better and more positive outlook on life.

Because of that, Lajovic hints he plans to speak to a therapist even after his tennis career is over. "I see this as a therapy, but also as a training as well. Is something I want to do until the end of my life regardless if I’m playing tennis or not.

It is so important, especially after all the things the world has gone through. First, you need to accept this kind of things, and then you can get on a journey to fixing them. I’m on that journey now. From difficult situations you can either fall down more, or you can accept and go through that as part of the process, and see the tough situation pass.

Find room for growth and if you find it at the end it will make you a better person. Exactly what is happening to me," Lajovic said. Meanwhile, Lajovic is competing at the Madrid Masters this week.

Dusan Lajovic