John Millman details why tennis fans absolutely adore 'box office' Nick Kyrgios


John Millman details why tennis fans absolutely adore 'box office' Nick Kyrgios

John Millman called Nick Kyrgios "a box office" as he admits the 2022 Wimbledon runner-up has a rare talent and something inside of him that absolutely draws the crowds to his matches. Throughout his career, Kyrgios has faced lots of criticism and the media love to attach the word controversy to the Australian's name.

But the fact is that Kyrgios sells out stadiums better than anyone else and having the 28-year-old Australian signed up is at the top of the list of every tournament. Unfortunately, Kyrgios sustained a knee injury in December and he hasn't played any tournaments so far in 2023.

Millman, a fellow Australian tennis player, says there is "no doubt" that the game misses Kyrgios.

Millman heaps praise on Kyrgios: A box office player

"Here’s a hot take, Nick Kyrgios is good at tennis. Really good.

Whether you love or hate the guy for his rock star, 'don’t give a stuff' persona, the one thing we can all agree on is he has been blessed with a skill on the tennis court that has few rivals. His impossible shot-making complimented with an occasional unpredictable outburst makes him a must-see attraction.

He’s yin and yang wrapped into one and crowds around the world just can’t get enough of it. There’s yet to be a tournament I’ve played where the fans aren’t hanging by the rafters when he’s on court.

I’ve often, frustratingly so, been playing on a neighbouring court to Nick when he’s in full flight. At times I’d be wishing that some of that atmosphere that’s been created on his court would filter its way to mine.

There’s no doubt that the game has missed Kyrgios since his knee injury sustained in October last year," Millman wrote for With the French Open organizers needing a big 2023 tournament edition, Millman said having Kyrgios would definitely help the tournament a lot.

However, Millman thinks the wise thing for Kyrgios would be to skip the entire clay season and focus on his preparation for the grass season and Wimbledon.

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