Serena Williams' ex-coach: Carlos Alcaraz on court is like a performer on Broadway


Serena Williams' ex-coach: Carlos Alcaraz on court is like a performer on Broadway

Coach Rick Macci says Carlos Alcaraz "has invented a few more boxes" and added that pressure is the 20-year-old's "best friend." Alcaraz, who turned 20 on Friday, has had one of the most stunning and successful starts to a career in tennis history.

Macci, who was famously Serena and Venus Williams' childhood coach, described Alcaraz as a performer who thrives when there is pressure. "Carlos Alcaraz has checked every box and invented a few more. But remember the mind controls the body and this young man when on a tennis court is like a performer on Broadway.

When you just love to perform pressure is your best friend ever," Macci tweeted.

Macci on Alcaraz: The most complete player inside and out.

Alcaraz's lone Grand Slam title came on the hard courts of the US Open.

Alcaraz also has two Masters titles on hard and two Masters title on clay. Alcaraz is already a very dominant force on two surfaces and the grass is the only surface that is left for him to be figured out. In an interview with Tennis-Infinity, Macci called Alcaraz "the most complete player inside and out." "Against any player, any day, on any surface, he's going to be able to hang in there.

A lot of people think clay is his best surface, I say it's hard court. I think he does more damage with his power. He has such a cafeteria of shots at his disposal on the menu on clay, I think he has too many options. So he's going to make some errors and on clay, as you know, you got to work the point longer.

So I think it's best surface is hard, but I think he can win on everything. I think his weakest would be grass because people are going to hurt him a little more. But then, the wild card. He was born to do this, he's a showman, he's a performer. But he has humility, he has gratitude. So he's a very complete individual," Macci said.of Alcaraz.

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