Report: Milos Raonic may be targeting grass season for return from two-year absence

Former Slam finalist Raonic hasn't played since 2021 June.

by Dzevad Mesic
Report: Milos Raonic may be targeting grass season for return from two-year absence

Milos Raonic might be making his long-awaited return to tennis during the grass season, per Canadian tennis reporter John Horn.

Raonic, 32, hasn't played in nearly two full years.

Raonic was out for four months before returning to action in late 2021 June at the Atlanta Open. After losing in his Atlanta opener, Raonic took a lengthy break from tennis to address his Achilles injury. Initially, Raonic was aiming to return to action in 2022 but that didn't happen.

Raonic has not retired from pro tennis

After missing almost the entire second half of the 2021 season and the entire 2022 season, some started wondering whether the Canadian silently retired from tennis. In 2022 December, Raonic's coach Mario Tudor shut down the rumors, revealing that Raonic was intending to return to tennis in 2023.

In an interview with Sport Klub, Tudor detailed what was happening with Raonic since 2021 June. "At the beginning of 2021 he already felt pain in his Achilles, couldn't run full speed. His combination of height and explosiveness makes him prone to injuries.

He looks more like a handball player. After Atlanta he had an appointment, the doctor said Achilles is barely holding together. Rehab was as long as Achilles would've snapped. He made the first hit this February, even that was from a static position.

In May he felt better, let's say his leg was at 70%, but when at his fitness coach's (Dalibor Sirola) place in Italy, a weight fell on his foot, he broke his toe. That meant another two months without serious tennis training.

My goal for him was to come back at US swing, but now we expect to compete in February or March. Surely there were black thoughts and contemplating retirement which is reasonable when you lose two seasons in a row. But Milos loves tennis a tad too much and I'm telling you that he's very motivated to come back on tour.

You got to know he has earned enough to live happily ever after. He won't come back due to money, more so he can do what he enjoys the most," Tudor told Sport Klub Slovenia.

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