Corentin Moutet sounds off on tennis' treatment of Nick Kyrgios

Moutet wonders how can Kyrgios be penalized and then used for promotion of tennis.

by Dzevad Mesic
Corentin Moutet sounds off on tennis' treatment of Nick Kyrgios

Corentin Moutet suggests it makes no sense that the ATP and Grand Slams are quick to fine Nick Kyrgios for misconduct but then heavily use the Australian to promote the game. Kyrgios, who is one of the biggest entertainers in the game, is no stranger to controversy but all of his matches feature a sold-out crowd and he is drawing more attention than some top-10 players.

Also, Kyrgios' flamboyant style of tennis brings something different and that's one of the reasons why there is always great interest in the Australian's matches. While Kyrgios is often on the receiving end of fines, the trick shots and attractive shots he pulls off are often used to promote tennis.

Moutet on Kyrgios: They penalize him but also use him to promote tennis

"I don't think the tours really know what they want. On the one hand, they want a clean sport and penalize players for misconduct. On the other hand, they use the things that Nick Kyrgios does, for example, to promote it.

You can't have both. You have to make a choice," Moutet told Tennis Magazin. Moutet, 24, also has a bit of a reputation as he is also a very passionate player and he is never afraid to express himself on the court. However, Moutet doesn't really consider himself as "a bad boy." "I'm not a bad boy, I'm just not perfect.

I've made mistakes, but I learn from them and face them. If I make mistakes, I admit them and don't lie to myself or those around me. Those mistakes made me who I am today. I don't expect anything from the association or anyone else.

Tennis is an individual sport. I have my team that I pay for. People will always give their opinions on what I should and shouldn't do. The most important thing for me is that my team and I are honest with each other," Moutet said. Moutet and Kyrgios have never played against each other.

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