Kei Nishikori, 33, makes prediction about his tennis career

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Kei Nishikori, 33, makes prediction about his tennis career
Kei Nishikori, 33, makes prediction about his tennis career

Kei Nishikori, 33, is determined to return to tennis as the Japanese believes he can play for "five or six more years." Nishikori, the 2014 US Open runner-up, hasn't played since 2021 October. In 2022 January, Nishikori underwent hip surgery.

Nishikori, who was hoping to play again during the summer of 2022, suffered several setbacks and he ended up missing the entire 2022 season. Nishikori was also signed up to compete in a couple of tournaments earlier this year but he was again forced to delay his comeback.

Nishikori thinks he can play for several more years

"Realistically, I think I can play for five or six more years at best. Don't know if my body will hold until 40, but it's also possible. Thinking like that, I have no less than five more years, I'm motivated for rehab and doing my best with composure.

When I was ready to be back last October I sprained my ankle, it wasn't just a sprain, caused a kinda neuralgia. I've started moving well without pain since a month ago, now doing pts practice with serve but it needs a bit more time to have stamina enough to play two or three sets," Nishikori told Wowow Tennis.

This week, the Little Rock Challenger is taking place. Nishikori was signed up to compete in Little Rock but he ended up withdrawing from the tournament.

After the news of Nishikori pulling out of Little Rock, it was reported that Nishikori's new comeback target was the Palmas del Mar Challenger. The Palmas del Mar Challenger is a tournament scheduled to take place in Puerto Rico between June 12-18.

Throughout his career, Nishikori battled multiple injuries and many believe the Japanese wold have accomplished a lot more if it wasn't for constant injury issues. It remains to be seen if Nishikori can make a successful return and stay healthy.

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