Lucas Pouille finds home severely burglarized after returning from French Open

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Lucas Pouille finds home severely burglarized after returning from French Open
Lucas Pouille finds home severely burglarized after returning from French Open

Lucas Pouille's home in Rennes was burglarized as the thieves stole items worth €600,000 from the Frenchman's house, per At this year's French Open, Pouille featured in all competitions - the singles, men's doubles, and mixed doubles events.

Pouille played his last match at this year's French Open on June 2nd when he and Chloe Paquet lost their mixed doubles opener. When Pouille returned to his home, he found out that his home was burglarized and that among the items stolen were jewelry and luxury watches.

According to the French newspaper, the house was burglarized on June 2nd, when Pouille was playing his mixed doubles match at Roland Garros.

Pouille had a positive French Open before his home was burglarized

Pouille, who was battling depression last year and started to regularly drink alcohol, qualified for this year's French Open after winning three matches during the qualifying week.

Then, Pouille clinched his first Grand Slam main draw win since 2019 when he defeated Jurij Rodionov in the first round. After beating Rodionov, Pouille reflected on a very dark period he experienced last year. "Sometimes we have moments where we crack.

These moments were very difficult because I was going to hit the wall. I think I stopped the train at the right moment before the crash," Pouille said at the French Open. Also, Pouille revealed in Paris what led to him returning to tennis in 2023 after disappearing from the scene in the second part of the 2022 season.

"Nothing kept me going last year. In my mind I stopped playing tennis. Then seeing Gilles Simon playing his last matches in Paris, seeing the atmosphere, the emotions. It was the wake-up call. Also, the press told me you'll never play in the Olympics in your career, it gave me the extra motivation to come back.

This year I started mentally fresh, I needed that. Hopefully I can have five, six great more years to get back to where I was, or close to that," Pouille said.

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