Nick Kyrgios reveals what triggered Carlos Alcaraz's cramps against Novak Djokovic

Kyrgios explains what happened to Alcaraz against Djokovic.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios reveals what triggered Carlos Alcaraz's cramps against Novak Djokovic

Nick Kyrgios says Carlos Alcaraz learned a very valuable lesson after experiencing cramps caused by the anxiety and stress of playing a match of the highest magnitude. Early in the third set of his French Open semifinal against Djokovic, Alcaraz started to experience cramps in his right calf.

Alcaraz received a medical intervention - he was able to finish the match - but his movement was greatly hampered and he wasn't anywhere near his best. In the end, Djokovic won 6-3 5-7 6-1 6-1. "Feel for Alcaraz. Just a big learning process, pretty sure every tennis player goes through this feeling.

Cramping due to nervous energy and the anxiety of playing a match with this magnitude. He will learn how to deal with this in the future for sure. Then we should be scared," Kyrgios tweeted.

Kyrgios says Alcaraz 'will learn' from this situation

After beating Alcaraz for a French Open final spot, Djokovic spoke extremely highly of Alcaraz and expressed empathy for the Spaniard.

“First and foremost I have to say tough luck for Carlos. Obviously at this level the last thing you want is cramp and physical problems at the late stages of a Grand Slam. So I feel for him, I feel sorry. I hope he can recover and he can come back very soon.

I told him at the net. He knows how young he is. He’s got plenty of time ahead of him, so he’s going to win this tournament I’m sure many man times. He’s an unbelievable player, an incredible competitor and a very nice guy, so he deserves all the applause and all the support," Djokovic said of Alcaraz.

The Alcaraz and Djokovic match was the most anticipated match of the 2023 season. Before Alcaraz started experiencing cramps, he and Djokovic were delivering high-quality tennis. Alcaraz will now turn his focus on being ready for the grass season.

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