Mark Philippoussis reveals why Stefanos Tsitsipas put end to their partnership

Philippoussis and Tsitsipas split just before the French Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Mark Philippoussis reveals why Stefanos Tsitsipas put end to their partnership

Mark Philippoussis says Stefanos Tsitsipas wanted "one voice" in his box and that's why their partnership ended. Last Wimbledon, Philippoussis was spotted in Tsitsipas' box. The two continued their partnership beyond the grass season and it appeared that Tsitsipas was pleased with what Philippoussis was bringing to the table.

But just before this year's French Open, it was reported that Tsitsipas and Philippoussis ended their partnership. Tsitsipas now only works with his father Apostolos Tsitsipas, who has been part of his team since Day 1.

Philippoussis: Tsitsipas wanted one voice

“Stef wanted one voice, it was important to him.

I think that the most important relationship is the one you have with your family. He has his father and he must focus on that. I wish him the best, he is a great kid and I hope he gets confidence and starts winning some matches," Philippoussis told Tennis Majors.

During the French Open, Tsitsipas was asked what led to him deciding to move on from Philippoussis. At the time, Tsitsipas claimed it was a mutual decision and he also said that he wanted to work with only one coach. “Well, it was a mutual decision.

We spent countless of hours on the phone talking a few weeks ago. It’s never easy having two coaches on the court. I know they are there to help and give the best they can, and provide for me. But sometimes it can get quite kind of hectic having two coaches share opinions.

I’m at a phase of my career in life where I need one coach that can provide all the information, all the analysis, all of the things that I’m looking for to improve my game. Less is more, in my opinion," Tsitsipas said.

During his time with Philippoussis, Tsitsipas improved his volleying skills and the Greek is now coming to the net more often.

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