Denis Shapovalov reveals injury that's to blame for his Wimbledon exit, poor season

Shapovalov has been bothered by one particular injury for quite some time.

by Dzevad Mesic
Denis Shapovalov reveals injury that's to blame for his Wimbledon exit, poor season

Denis Shapovalov says he will have to make some decisions after being in great pain and discomfort during his Wimbledon round-of-16 match against Roman Safiullin because of his ongoing knee injury. On Sunday, Safiullin handed Shapovalov a 3-6 6-3 6-1 6-3 loss at Wimbledon.

At the start of his post-match press conference, Shapovalov said he wasn't taking anything away from Safiullin but his knee made it almost impossible to play in the last few sets. Also, Shapovalov revealed that he contemplated taking a break from tennis before the French Open but decided to continue after being told by the doctors he wouldn't make any further damage to the knee by continuing to play.

Overall, this has been a very tough season for Shapovalov, who hasn't had much success.

Shapovalov on how long he'd be out if he took a break

"Yeah, I think the minimum would be two months. Yeah, I mean, hopefully, no surgery.

Obviously, with surgery, it would be much longer, but I would say the minimum would be two months. Yeah, don't really know. After today it's a little bit difficult. Pretty big setback. Towards the end of the match, I couldn't even walk let alone play," Shapovalov said.

When asked by what exactly was the problem with his knee, Shapovalov didn't want to reveal it. But Shapovalov said after what happened at Wimbledon, he would definitely need to think about his next mive. "Yeah, that's probably the worst that it's been in a long time.

Yeah, need to talk with the team. Need to try to see some more specialists and see what I can do. But I think I've held off enough points making third round of French, fourth round here. So maybe it is a good time to take a break, try to fix this, and come back for the fall.

But then again, I would be missing an important part of the season which I love to play, which is in North America. So yeah, it's tough, but unfortunately that's our life (smiling)," Shapovalov said.

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