Mark Philippoussis shares fears he has for Nick Kyrgios' future post-knee surgery

Kyrgios' return in Stuttgart didn't go as planned.

by Dzevad Mesic
Mark Philippoussis shares fears he has for Nick Kyrgios' future post-knee surgery

Australian tennis legend Mark Philippoussis fears Nick Kyrgios' career could be in major jeopardy unless the Australian puts in the required effort and work to rehab and recover from his knee surgery. In January, 28-year-old Kyrgios underwent knee surgery.

Initially, the surgery was called a major success and Kyrgios was expected to return in Indian Wells. But Kyrgios didn't start his 2023 season until Stuttgart, where he suffered a first-round defeat and was heard complaining that his knee was causing him pain and discomfort.

After a surprise loss to Yibing Wu in Stuttgart, Kyrgios withdrew from Halle, Mallorca, and Wimbledon. "He's not even close to being fit, and I knew straight away he was in trouble. If he comes back too early, which we have seen, and if he's not putting in the work physically on that knee to strengthen that joint, unfortunately I'm not sure how much we're going to see him.

You have to give yourself every opportunity to come back and if you're a big guy and get a knee issue, you better get it right before you come back because it's just going to make it worse, you're going to be out further and your career could be done," Philippoussis said, via the Australian Associated Press.

Philippoussis fears for Kyrgios' career

"My worry for him years ago was 'is he putting in the work physically?' and if he was to get that first major injury, I'm not saying it could be career-ending but it could be very dangerous if you don't put in that rehab work.

I don't care how good your hands are, if you're not getting to the ball, and you're one-and-a-half, two steps slower, against any top-100, 200 player, it's going to be tough out there," Philippoussis added. After a great grass season in 2022, there was no doubt that Kyrgios didn't want to miss this year's grass season.

But in Stuttgart, Kyrgios realized that there was no way he could compete with his knee in such a condition. It remains to be seen when will Kyrgios play again.

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