Polish ATP Challenger tournament leaves shocking note to Russian, Belarusian players

Russian and Belarusian players are being advised from one tournament that it's better for them not to come.

by Dzevad Mesic
Polish ATP Challenger tournament leaves shocking note to Russian, Belarusian players

The Kozerki Open Challenger organizers are apparently advising Russian and Belarusian not to sign up for the tournament since "they will not be welcome" to the Challenger event in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland. From August 14-19, the Kozerki Open in Grodzisk Mazowiecki will be taking place.

"Considering the situation in Ukraine and Russia's armed aggression on these lands, please do not sign up for the KOZERKI OPEN - ATP Challenger100 tournament, players representing countries such as Russia and Belarus. Players representing Russia and Belarus will not be welcome at the tournament and in the Kozerki complex.

We do not guarantee places at the Academy for these people," a note from the tournament's website reads.

The Kozerki Open organizers advise Russian, Belarusian players not to sign up

Last year, Russian and Belarusian players were only banned from competing at Wimbledon and all British grass-court tournaments.

But this year, the AELTC and LTA changed their stance and Russian and Belarusian players have faced no bans. At the Kozerki Open, Russian and Belarusian players aren't banned from competing - but they are seemingly being advised that it would be better for them not to come to the tournament.

This is a bit strange situation and could potentially result in the ATP reacting. Since the start of the Russian invasion, Polish tennis superstar Iga Swiatek has been very outspoken in her support for Ukraine. Earlier this year, Swiatek revealed she is supporting Ukraine so much because she sees the people of Poland also being in fear because of the entire situation.

"As a Pole, from the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I had an emotional approach to this matter. For me, it is important that we - athletes, public figures - have an impact on society. Our views shape others, and this can create change.

War for me is not about politics, but about people's suffering, and that's why I decided to speak out," Swiatek told Wprost.

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