Nick Kyrgios responds to Tracy Austin's criticism

Austin criticized Kyrgios' perspective on tennis.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios responds to Tracy Austin's criticism

Nick Kyrgios doesn't agree with Tracy Austin's take that his perspective on tennis is something disappointing to hear. Kyrgios, 28, said "the sport is crazy" and promised he would not be playing pro tennis at 33. Austin, a former two-time US Open champion, was disappointed when she heard about the comments 2022 Wimbledon finalist Kyrgios made.

“I kind of find it sad you're playing a professional sport and you just don't absolutely love it. You don't drink it up. You want to feel like you're lucky to be out there. We've just finished Taylor Fritz's match and that's his 18th tournament that he's playing in Atlanta.

And Paul Anacone [Fritz's coach] says he has to pull the reins in for Taylor not to play more. He just wants to compete. And that's what you have to feel. You don't have to feel like it's such a long season. You want to just feel like you're lucky to be out there,” Austin said on Tennis Channel.

Kyrgios responds to Austin's criticism

"Why am I lucky to be out there? I worked and I put myself in that position, there wasn’t any luck involved. Some people play for different things, we aren’t all tennis nuts, some of us have a little more of an impact than that," Kyrgios wrote.

During the UTS, Kyrgios said: “Bro, the sport’s crazy.

The schedule is out of control. Just old bro! I’m getting old. 28. Yeah. But all the drinking and partying, I’m like 57." When acknowledged that he was just 28 and told he had at least five more years left, Kyrgios shut it down immediately.

“No chance. No way. Bro, there’s no chance I’m playing until 33. Kyrgios playing until 33 is insane! I’m not playing until 33. Nah, I promise you, when I’m gone, you’ll never see me again. I think I might just coach. Coach Foe (Frances Tiafoe) full time,” Kyrgios said.

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