Stefanos Tsitsipas back to working with coach he stunningly fired before French Open

Tsitsipas and coach Mark Philippoussis are back to working together.

by Dzevad Mesic
Stefanos Tsitsipas back to working with coach he stunningly fired before French Open

Stefanos Tsitsipas has returned Mark Philippoussis to his coaching staff two months after deciding to split with the 2003 Wimbledon finalist. Just before the start of the French Open, Philippoussis and Tsitsipas split because the Greek wanted to have "one voice" in his box.

Two months later, Tsitsipas decided to start working again with Philippoussis. According to Greek publication SDNA, Tsitsipas agreed to return Philippoussis with new terms in place. In his next three tournaments - Los Cabos, Toronto and Cincinnati - Tsitsipas will be accompanied only by Philippoussis and his father Apostolos won't be there.

At the US Open, Tsitsipas will be joined by his father Apostolos but the plan is to also have Philippoussis in New York. After the US Open, the plan is to continue being accompanied by one coach in tournaments.

Many were surprised after Tsitsipas moved on from Philippoussis

After Philippoussis joined Tsitsipas' team last summer, the Greek improved his service and volleying skills and started going more often to the net.

Also, Tsitsipas made his second Grand Slam final earlier this year at the Australian Open. Tsitsipas appeared to be improving well under the guidance of Philippoussis and that's why many were surprised when the two split. At the French Open, Tsitsipas explained his decision.

“Well, it was a mutual decision. We spent countless of hours on the phone talking a few weeks ago. It’s never easy having two coaches on the court. I know they are there to help and give the best they can, and provide for me.

But sometimes it can get quite kind of hectic having two coaches share opinions. I’m at a phase of my career in life where I need one coach that can provide all the information, all the analysis, all of the things that I’m looking for to improve my game.

Less is more, in my opinion," Tsitsipas said in Paris. It remains to be seen how will the second stint between Tsitsipas and Philippoussis go.

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