Shock: Mikael Ymer suddenly retires from tennis

Mikael Ymer surprised everyone by announcing his retirement from tennis

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Shock: Mikael Ymer suddenly retires from tennis
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Mikael Ymer surprised everyone by announcing his retirement from tennis. An absolutely unexpected press release that aroused great surprise among the insiders who had not in any way predicted this decision. As we know, the Swedish tennis player was suspended just over a month ago, on July 19, for 1 and a half years, for violating the anti-doping rules.

A bolt from the blue that overwhelmed the life and career of the 24-year-old, who later tried to clear himself of these accusations, entrusting his long thought to the Twitter channel. He told: "Hi guys, I have decided to retire from professional tennis.

Thanks to all of you for the fantastic memories! What a journey it has been! Wishing all my old colleagues to keep going in competitions."

The last message from him before the decision

Here are his last words before retiring: "They were unreal and very difficult days for me.

I'm trying to figure out the right way to process the news and figure out how to proceed from here on out. In the meantime, I will not be giving any comments or interviews. I'm 24, at the peak of my career with a high ranking, but now I'm suspended for 18 months.

Suspended, not for gaining an illegal competitive advantage over my peers, not for bringing the game into disrepute, not for an illegal financial gain, but for a logistical quirk I had no way to avoid. It's like a bad dream.

I don't think justice has been done, either with the decision itself or with the subsequent sanction, which seems to me completely disproportionate compared to other suspensions that have been imposed in recent years. All I want to do is try to be the best tennis player I can be and make the most of my career in the limited time I have to compete at a professional level.

An 18-month suspension is effectively a three-year ban, because it will take me a lot of time and a lot of effort to regain my ranking and also the level I had now, as I will have to start from scratch. And there's no guarantee that I will."

Mikael Ymer