Holger Rune addresses playing on outside court after shock US Open exit

Rune suffered a first-round loss at the US Open on Court 5.

by Dzevad Mesic
Holger Rune addresses playing on outside court after shock US Open exit
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World No 4 Holger Rune suggests he has no problems playing on an outside court but he was just disappointed to have his US Open first-round match scheduled for Court 5 when he is the fourth-ranked player in the world. Although Rune is a top-5 player, he was scheduled to play his opener at Flushing Meadows against Roberto Carballes Baena on Court 5.

Rune, who has been bothered by a back injury throughout the entire summer, exited the US Open in the first round after Carballes Baena handed him 6-3 4-6 6-3 6-2. "It's not difficult (playing on Court 5), but it's different.

You're more close to all the people. It's a nice atmosphere. So, I mean, it's no problem with the court. I just didn't expect to play on that court. I feel like it's normal. I mean, as best as you get in the ranking, it's more, you know, how you say, benefits you should get with playing in better conditions.

So I think that's a normal way and it's also how ATP, like, it's how they do with all the players. But they didn't do it with me here. That's obviously disappointing, but not going to blame the court on the loss. He played very, very solid.

Credit to him," Rune said after the loss.

Rune on why he was scheduled to Court 5

When Rune saw the schedule, he indicated on X that he wasn't particularly happy with the US Open's decision. In his post-match press conference following the US Open exit, Rune was asked if the organizers explained to him why he was scheduled to Court 5.

"Yeah, of course I tried to get an explanation, and, I mean, obviously they said what we all know, that they, you know, put the Americans on the big court, which is totally fine. I mean, I'm used to play a lot in France where they do that.

So I respect that 100%. That's not only the case here, that it's only Americans playing on the big courts. That card didn't really work. Then you try to ask more questions and they don't answer you. It's a little bit tough," Rune said.

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