Casper Ruud rips 'annoying so-called Twitter tennis experts'


Casper Ruud rips 'annoying so-called Twitter tennis experts'
Casper Ruud rips 'annoying so-called Twitter tennis experts' © Getty Images Sport - Sarah Stier

Casper Ruud says he sometimes gets annoyed by "so-called Twitter tennis experts" and their ridiculous takes. Before the start of the US Open, Ruud came to John Isner's defense after one fan appeared to suggest that the American was a boring player and there was never any excitement regarding his matches.

On Monday, Ruud started his US Open campaign with a 7-6 (5) 3-6 6-4 7-6 (5). After making a positive start, Ruud was asked about Tennis Twitter and takes that appear there. Ruud said he is doing his best to control himself but added there are times when he simply can't stay silent.

Ruud annoyed by 'so-called tennis experts'

"So I read a bunch of these, like, so-called tennis experts and their opinions, and it's just insane. It annoys me in a way, because it's just -- I feel like if you haven't played professional in the past, most of them have no clue what they are talking about.

Their opinions, for fans, if anyone listens to what I'm saying, I would just not take more than maybe 5% of what so-called tennis experts on Twitter say as good info because it's just not the way it goes. I could probably reply to many other things, but I just leave it, because it's just interesting to see how people just exaggerate all the time on social media about anything.

You go from being the best player in the world to the worst player in the history from one week to another, and it shouldn't be taken serious. But it's new modern world, I guess. Sometimes I like to interact, because, you know, I feel like sometimes my opinion can matter, but it's more I have to be really annoyed to actually take the time to actually reply to someone (smiling).

But, yeah, it's a wicked place to spend too much time, I think. Because also reading about yourself is not really nice always. I don't know. I take it with a smile, but sometimes I just, yeah, I guess I can't control myself. It's easy to kind of communicate to other fans or haters, if you want to call them that. It's worth it sometimes, but it can be dangerous to spend too much time there, that's for sure," Ruud said.

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