Daniil Medvedev gives brutally honest reason for his UTS Frankfurt withdrawal

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Daniil Medvedev gives brutally honest reason for his UTS Frankfurt withdrawal
Daniil Medvedev gives brutally honest reason for his UTS Frankfurt withdrawal © Getty Images Sport - Mike Stobe

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou announced Daniil Medvedev is out of this weekend's UTS event in Frankfurt due to feeling "completely empty" after his US Open run. On Sunday, 27-year-old Medvedev failed to land his second Grand Slam title after Novak Djokovic handed him a 6-3 7-6 (5) 6-3 loss in the US Open final.

After two long and demanding weeks in New York during which Medvedev fell just short of winning the US Open title, the Russian was seemingly left feeling mentally and physically empty. Following Medvedev's withdrawal, Grigor Dimitrov was added to the lineup.

“He’s a very nice guy so he didn’t pretend he was injured. He just said, ‘I’m completely empty.' On the other side we are happy that Grigor was able to jump in so fast. We all think that he’s very exciting to watch," Mouratoglou told Tennis Majors.

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Medvedev felt he could have done better

After the US Open final loss, Medvedev admitted there were certain regrets on his side. Specifically, Medvedev felt he could have and should have the second set that lasted a stunning hour and 44 minutes.

After missing out on a set point in the second set - in which he felt he was the better player - Medvedev's game collapsed and Djokovic ended up winning in three sets. "Oh, regrets, for sure. Should have won it. Should have won it, but sometimes tennis not that easy.

Passing for sure down the line, not cross, but I have two choices and I chose the wrong one. In general, yeah, second set was the best set I played and I didn't win it. So that's why I kind of, I would say, it's normal that the match went that way, because first and third he was kind of better and not much to say.

Second if I would win it maybe could have been a different game. I don't know if I would analyze it. Again, when we play next time it's going to be different story. I'm not even sure there is anything much to analyze. Yeah, that's how life is and tennis is. So I'm going to try to be better next time," Medvedev said.

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