Andre Agassi's ex-coach makes one very interesting observation about Nick Kyrgios

On numerous times, Kyrgios indicated that he doesn't love tennis that much.

by Dzevad Mesic
Andre Agassi's ex-coach makes one very interesting observation about Nick Kyrgios
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Coach Darren Cahill says Nick Kyrgios is making it look like he "does not care" but actually the Australian is "someone who cares too much." When 28-year-old Kyrgios appeared on the tennis scene a decade ago, he was considered a major talent and many were tipping him to achieve great things.

Over the years, Kyrgios would say things that many deemed as the Australian's coping mechanism with all the pressure and expectations. In 2015, Kyrgios said: "I don't really like tennis - I'd rather play basketball." Also, Kyrgios hinted numerous times that he doesn't see himself playing beyond 30.

But whenever Kyrgios is on the court, he shows extreme passion and emotion - which many think is a clear sign that the 2022 Wimbledon finalist actually cares very much about tennis.

Cahill: Kyrgios cares too much, he wants to win

"You feel like he doesn’t care.

In fact he looks like he cares too much because he ends up blowing up with his box – his coaching box throughout the course of a match because he really wants to win and he receives that support from his coaching box.

We need him back. It's you know the game is bigger than any one player of course but certainly he’s a loss to the sport at the moment and if he’s playing well and physically feeling good he brings a lot to every tournament he plays.

So I’m just wishing him the best. I hope he gets healthy and we hope to see him back really soon," Cahill said on the Advantage Connors podcast.

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Meanwhile, Kyrgios has played just one tournament this year due to knee and wrist injuries.

Last month, Kyrgios confirmed to his fans that he still has "some fire left in the tank. "To my millions of fans out there, I guess we just have to be patient. Trust me, I still have some fire left in the tank, my body just needs time to recover and get back.

I'm still as motivated as ever, in the gym, treatment, recovery. Everything off court is doing great. I am eyeing to come back and have a season like my last again," Kyrgios wrote on his Instagram.

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