Gael Monfils explains why he has all the reasons to be happy with his career

Monfils has been on the ATP Tour since 2004.

by Dzevad Mesic
Gael Monfils explains why he has all the reasons to be happy with his career
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Gael Monfils says he will absolutely be happy with his career once he is done with pro tennis as just becoming a pro and then making a name for himself is enough for the Frenchman. Monfils, who didn't come from a rich family, turned pro in 2004 and he has since become one of the most popular players on the Tour.

Monfils, an 11-time ATP champion and a former world No 6, has earned $21,556,306 in prize money over the course of his career. “Of course I will be happy with my career at the end. They forget where you come from. If someone had told me that I was going to become a professional player...

If I had told my father, who earned 20 francs per hour, that I was going to be in the top 10 in the world once, he would have laughed in my face," Monfils said, via The Tennis Letter.

Monfils is now a father

In 2022 October, Monfils and his wife Elina Svitolina welcomed their first child, a baby girl Skai.

Monfils, who turned 37 in early September, indicated earlier this month he would be open to playing until he is 40 if certain circumstances are met. “I wish I would (retire late). My life has changed. First, I had a daughter.

And second, the injury I had, the foot injury. It calmed me down, you see. I was about to feel well again when I had the wrist. At the end of the day, you remember the moments you had when you were out. I lived precious moments I couldn’t imagine I would live.

They lead you to reflect on yourself. You think about other things you can do after tennis. But you see, the thing is that when you are deep into your life on tour, you don’t really feel the effort. When you stop for months, Everything is much harder.

Mentally - so hard. You know, my daughter - she lives her best moments now. I feel like when she will be a little older, it will be better for me if she can travel with me. If that’s the case, maybe I’ll play as long as I want," Monfils said during his conversation with Benoit Paire on UTS's All on the Table.

Gael Monfils